Is School (Education) Overrated? Part 1

I hate unpleasant days at school and being told that education is the ONLY route to success! 

You know, when you were a teenager, you always wondered: “Why does school exist?” 

It’s obvious: TO GET AN A+ and have a “successful” life

Well, in my opinion, that is what everyone is told. I believe the route of a person’s future is not defined by education, but rather on the individual’s situation.

For example, I want to become an air traffic controller when I grow up. BIG MONEY INVOLVED  (100K+ SALARY). But you know what? That is a job that requires trade school, not college.

I am not trying to diss college, I actually think it’s a great thing. However, I believe not everyone needs the traditional route, to be successful or happy. 

This is part 1! Stick around for part 2!


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